Congratulations Steve and Chris on the launch of ProShed. I’ve worked closely with you both over the past 20 years – it’s great to see you combining forces. We look forward to working with the two of you supplying windows for your ProShed buildings.  

Trevor Morse
Morse Glass and Aluminum


Two great local builders combining forces to offer South Canterbury a first-rate shed building company, what a sterling idea. Congratulations on your new venture Chris and Steve, we look forward to working with you and your team in the future to help offer the best service to your ProShed clients. 

Tony Moir
Paul Smith Earthmoving

“Plunket Electrical Timaru have been working alongside Chris and Steve for many, many years. They have always had very good product and build top quality sheds, we look forward to working with ProShed and their clients for many years to come.”  

Kelly O’Driscoll 
Plunket Electrical Timaru

Firth Industries have been supplying concrete to both Chris and Steve for many years and we congratulate the two of them on combining their talents to form ProShed. Best of luck guys, in your new venture.

Aaron Charteris of Firth Industries.


We first started working with Chris when he started out in the building trade in the early 1990s.  And we are still working with him 30 plus years later.  ProShed is an excellent extension to their business. You know you will be getting the job done right with ProShed.  We look forward to working with him and Steve to provide our plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying services in the future.
Ross Dooley
Menzies Group Ltd


ProShed Top Tips


It’s often wise to build a little larger than what your current needs are.  For example, if you build a shed which just fits the boat in, what happens if you get a new one and its 150mm higher than the old one (and doesn’t fit in!)

compare apples with apples

Not all sheds are created equal and while building specifications and materials used often appear similar one shed builder may use 0.3 gauge cladding on their sheds, while we use 0.4 gauge.  That’s 25% less steel used in the cladding alone. Consider how that affects the durability and strength of your new shed.  Check carefully exactly what you are getting for your money.  If it’s not stated clearly in the specifications, ask before making any commitment.  If getting alternative quotes compare apples with apples.

Not all roofing companies are using NZ Steel Colorsteel, cheaper imported coil is not designed for NZ's climatic conditions and there have been reported issues with fading and colour fastness.

double-check what's INCLUDED IN THE PRICE

Sometimes what initially appears to be a cheaper quote doesn’t include some items that it is reasonable to expect should be part of the building.  Under closer inspection you may find the cheaper one does not include items such as foil and netting in the roof (which every enclosed shed should have), or fixed pane windows when you really want opening windows.

Check carefully provisional or tagged sums, some companies have been known to under price these to make there quote look better then charge the customer for extras.  If Plumbing, electrical, windows or other items are not fully priced then it pays to check the proposed costs are fair and realistic.

Or in the case of kit sets, components such as gutters, downpipes, or screws haven’t been included.  Check the quote thoroughly and if you have any doubts regarding what is and is not included then ask.