MultiBuild Design and Quotation Software

Fair Dinkum authorised distributors use our quoting and design software called MultiBuild.

This modern Tool is exclusive to Fair Dinkum distributors and enables us to:

  • Quickly and easily come up with a custom design best suited to you.
  • Instantly quote to the dollar your custom design, informing you quickly on different prices as you add and remove features of your design.
  • Save templates and designs of their most popular sheds which may suit exactly what you are looking for.
  • Modify their existing designs to suit your requirements.
  • Design an extension to your existing shed.
  • Export details to the engineering and drafting departments to certify your custom design in minutes.
  • Instantly calculate all the components for your shed to the exact measurements – no waste and no limits on sizes.
  • MultiBuild software has been developed progressively over the last 15 years and combines all the features to design a shed to your individual needs.
  • We have a new Engineering facility that designs your shed to your site conditions  - and to the best possible price!
  • The software prints plans and specifications specific to your building that are ready for your Building Consent with the Council.
  • All this work is done in minutes at our desk with you and you take home an accurate plan and set of specifications.