Q. Why Choose A Steel Framed Building?

A. Using steel to create the frame of the building results in a building that is exceptionally stable. Steel is a superior construction material and the proper use of steel will produce a building frame that exceeds all building codes.
Out of all the possible building materials, steel has the highest strength to weight ratio, resulting in a building frame that will not warp or crack. It is also resistant to weather related expansion and contraction, which helps ensure that the materials used to create the rest of the building will not crack or buckle. Steel is also lighter than other types of framing materials making it easier to use.

Q. Why Should I Choose An “ProShed” Building?

A. Quite simply for the quality. While you may pay a little extra you will receive the strongest steel shed, quality roller doors, aluminium opening windows, the best fittings, clear roof span up to 24m wide, heights up to 7m, and a shed tailored to your needs - not an “off the shelf” standard model. ProShed are qualified registered builders with over 50 years experience in the building trade in the South Island. 

Q. What Size Shed Can I Build?

A. With our modern “Multibuild” software we design your shed to meet your requirements. Our designs are not based on a modular system - each shed is custom built with the ability to make adjustments in 10mm increments. Your order goes electronically to the factory where the components are cut to size.

Q. Can I Change The Way My Shed Looks?

A. With ProShed your shed is built to meet your requirements. There are different cladding options, roof angles, and a variety of doors and windows available. Colorsteel has 24 different colours, or you can choose unpainted “Zincalume”.

Q. How Long Will It Take To Build?

A. Once you have your “Building Consent” from the local Council we can soon start on your floor (weather permitting) and shortly after that on your shed. You will be amazed how quickly the steel portals and walls are erected. Our expert local builders have the experience and knowledge to build you a shed to be proud of.

Q. How Do I Obtain My Building Consent From The Council?

A. We normally obtain the Consent for you. The “Multibuild” software prints all the drawings, plans, and technical information the Council needs. All you supply are the details of your legal Title, and we meet with you on site to prepare a site plan. Our shed designs meet all the requirements of the local Building Code.

Q. What Will My Shed Look Like, And What Is It Built From?

A. Our “Multibuild” Software prepares a layout plan for you showing how your shed looks, with doors and other features, and a Specification sheet showing all the material sizes, bracing, and Engineer approved technical data. We use .40 gauge steel cladding for both roof and walls or .55 gauge if you prefer it. You can have a schedule of every component! It is all free of charge with your quote.

Q. Do We Lay The Floor Too?

A. Yes, we normally prepare and lay the concrete footings and floor. We use 20MPa concrete for strength and finish, polythene underneath, steel mesh, steel rod in the footings and construction cuts to minimize cracking to the floor. 

Q. Can I Buy A Kitset?

A. We are happy to provide you with a kit – they are straightforward to erect with our plans, manual, dvd, and our advice. Delivery takes about four weeks with everything you need included in the kitset.

Q. Can I Have A Sleep-Out Or Live In Part Of My Shed?

A. We will install Building paper and thermal break materials in the walls and roof as we construct the shed. You can then line the shed  and we can advise on the most suitable material and methods to comply with Council rules.

Q. What Will My Shed Cost?

A. Our sheds are reasonably priced, for the quality you receive. The software calculates the exact price. We will provide an estimate at no charge and a full quote after meeting you on site.

Q. How Does A Steel Shed Compare In Price To A Wooden Frame Shed?

A. In smaller buildings timber may have a price advantage, but as the shed size increases, especially the span, steel becomes more cost effective and can work out cheaper.  There does become a point where timber is uneconomic to use.
The numerous advantages of using steel for the building frame greatly outweigh any additional cost.  The increased stability of the building will save the owner money over time, off-setting any extra construction costs.

Q. Can I convert a garage or shed into a house?

A. Contact us to discuss converting a garage into a house, we have a range of Shed Houses to suit your needs

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ShedSafe™ is an industry benchmark accreditation scheme for steel shed design initiated by the Australian Steel Institute (ASI) for Australian shed suppliers.

Fair Dinkum Sheds is an accredited manufacturer of ShedSafe™’s exacting engineering standards. Using a ShedSafe™ accredited company, such as Fair Dinkum, provides you with increased confidence that the engineering guidelines set by the Building Code are adhered to.

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  • Steel is 100% recyclable and is the most recycled product in the world.

  • Steel is one of a very few materials that is capable of being recycled over and over again without loss of its properties.

  • 40% of global steel output is from recycled scrap.

  • Many steel products can be precision prefabricated, minimising waste.

  • More than 90% of commercial steel construction waste is recycled.

  • Approximately 82% of waste from the steel making process is recycled back into the process.

  • Steel recycling is well established in New Zealand.

  • Steel manufacturers in New Zealand use comprehensive waste reduction and energy efficiency programmes to be easier on the environment.