Domestic Garages


Built tough by the professionals, and designed to last, we never compromise on the quality of materials or attention to detail. We deliver on time, and to budget, using only the highest quality components.

Our relentless attention to the details, local knowledge and understanding of New Zealand's building requirements, years of experience and 'know how', means there is no better shed than a quality, steel ProShed, customised and built for your needs. 

You’ll get maximum performance out of your custom built ProShed.

Whether it is a single garage, a multi car garage, ProShed can help you come up with a design that is right for you.

In seconds we can customise a design to your needs, from width, length, eave height, bay spacing to a range of options and accessories.

They start at a width of 3m and length of 6m, with a standard wall height of 2.4m.  You can also include a carport on the side or front of your garage.

Our Monopitch /Skillion roof garages are available in 11, 15, 22, 30 and 45 degree angles. 

we'll respond within one working day